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segunda-feira, maio 29, 2006

Tarantini's balls

Em 1978, a Argentina de Kempes (mas ainda sem Maradona) recebia, em plena ditadura militar, o Campeonato do Mundo de Futebol. Para alcançar a final, a equipa da casa necessitava de vencer o jogo contra o Peru por pelo menos 4 golos de diferença. Muitos ataques e meia dúzia de golos depois, esse objectivo cumpria-se ainda que suspeitas prevaleçam sobre a influência do general Videla no comportamento dos jogadores peruanos.

«It was to the Argentina dressing room Videla marched after the match. Defender Alberto Tarantini wasn't impressed. Friends of his had disappeared in the Dirty War. He told his captain, Daniel Passarella: "I'll bet you a thousand dollars that if Videla comes in I'll rub soap all over my balls and when he comes up to me I'll shake his hand". The wager was struck. "Videla came to meet us," recalls Tarantini, "while I'm soaping my balls, and he had to shake hands with me, with photographers there. Then he pulled a face! It was all very funny but I had to go abroad and play after that. I'm very proud of what I did and I don't regret it. I did not agree at all with what they were doing.» - Scotland on Sunday