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domingo, julho 02, 2006

Richard Dawkins não fala sobre Zidane

mas diz isto sobre o figo:

«I have just listened to a lecture in which the topic for discussion was the fig. Not a botanical lecture, a literary one. We got the fig in literature, the fig as metaphor, changing perceptions of the fig, the fig as emblem of pudenda and the fig leaf as modest concealer of them, fig as an insult, the social construction of the fig, D. H. Lawrence on how to eat a fig in society, 'reading fig' and, I rather think, 'the fig as text'. The speaker's final pensée was the following. He recalled to us the Genesis story of Eve's tempting Adam to eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge. Genesis doesn't specify, he reminded us, which fruit it was. Traditionally, people take it to be an apple. The lecturer suspected that actually it was a fig, and with this piquant little shaft he ended his talk.


So what was he actually trying to say? I suppose he had a vague feeling that 'somehow', 'if you will', 'at some level', 'if I may put it this way' it is somehow 'right' that the fruit in the story 'should' have been a fig. But enough of this foolery.» - The view from Mount Improbable

Figo de Adão:

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