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domingo, junho 17, 2007

Sobre os limites do humor

«I loved Walter Matthau, and in his autobiography he wrote about how he and his wife, both Jewish, decided to go and visit the concentration camps. So they did Dachau and then went to Krakow, which was the nearest place they could stay for Auschwitz. They checked at the Imperial Hotel in Krakow, and because he was Walter Matthau everything was obviously laid on for him, and a limo was meant to come and pick him up and take him to Auschwitz at 10 am. No limo by 10:30, so Matthau phones down the reception and says 'It's Walter Matthau here in room 217. When is my limo turning up?' The concierge says, 'Oh, sorry, we forgot to tell you, it's going to be another hour'. and Matthau shouts down the phone, 'I want you to know one thing - you've ruined Auschwitz for me!' You really can laugh at almost anything.» - Alan Coren